About Lisa Waheeda

My family traces its ancestry as far back as 1878 and I can safely say that I am a proud Goan! My entire family has been landowners for decades now and that has inspired an in-born curiosity about land, its beauty and reach!

I believe that Goa is the more beautiful place on earth. With the passion for discovering unique properties, fantastic locales and heritage homes, areas known only to local, I co-created Terra firma!

Old inhabitants and cautious ones come to me with their precious homes and land to be given to, not merely the highest bidder, but to a person who would understand the unique value of that land.

Buyers too come to me for something out of the ordinary. A land, a home a space which is special and exclusive. Knowledge of my properties is not easy to come by, they are not available in the open market and nor are they easily parted with.

Terra firma also provides state of the art services for:

  • Cross-checking the site
  • Lawyer assistance
  • Document authentication

With Lisa Waheeda`s  degree in Civil Engineering and Management, she is  committed to taking Terra Firma from strength to strength – with honest dealings , flexible payment terms and above all her family reputation and her promise to contribute to the development of Goa, Gods own abode.